February Playlists

Hey everyone! Todyay I would really like to introduce you to 5 different playlists that consistsof 5 songs each. These are just my favourite Songs and I did categorise them so yupp. I decided on these 5 categories: Throwbacks, Chill Mode:), Rap/Sass, Pop/ Dance and Learning or Studying. Soo here we go.

Throwback Songs.

  1. Fergalicious-Fergie
  2. Wannabe- Spice Girls
  3. Candy Shop-50 Cent
  4. Stand by me-Ben E. King
  5. Holdback Girl-Gwen Stefani

Chill Mode

  1. I feel Like Im drowning-Two Feet
  2. Too good at goodbyes- Sam Smith
  3. Love is a b*tch- Two feet
  4. Perfect- Ed Sheran
  5. Let her go-Passenger


  1. Gods Plan-Drake
  2. Motor Sport-Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B
  3. Gang Up-Young Thug, 2Chainz
  4. Bodak Yellow- Cardi B
  5. F*ck Love- XXXTentacion


  1. Havana- Camilla Cabello, Young Thug
  2. Mans not Hot-Big Shaq
  3. I’m the one-DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber
  4. Thunder- Imagine Dragons
  5. Mine-Brazzie

Learning/Studying(pretty much any genre works for me so I dont know if you’ll like this playlist:)

  1. Gucci Gang- Lil Pump (a very unusual one but still)
  2. Him&I-Halsey, G-Eazy
  3. For you- Liam Payne, Rita Ora
  4. XO TOUR Llif3- Lil Uzi vert ( unsual but works for me)
  5. Bank Account-21 Savage (unusual again but try it out)


Misty Copeland

Hello everyone, today Iw ould like to give props to one of the mot Inspiring people in the great Wide World. Misty Copeland is the first afro american ballerina to be promoted to a Pricipal at the American Ballet Theatre.

She was born on September 10th 183 which makes her 35 Today.Misty Copeland was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and she was raised in the San Pedro,Los Angeles, California.Her father, Doug Copeland, is German American and African American, while her mother, Sylvia DelaCerna, is Italian American and African American and was adopted by African American parents.Misty Copeland is the youngest of four children from her mother’s second marriage and has two younger half-siblings, one each from her mother’s third and fourth marriages. She is Not only an Amazing Dancer, but she is an Inspiration to coloured girls, and just an amazing dancer at all. She was selected as one of the 100 most influential People by the Time Magazine.

She started Ballet, with 13 which is actually a quite Late age to start Ballet. She did not really have a good, peaceful childhood. There was a custody Battle between her Ballet Teachers and her Mother. After a few years though, both sides gave the Battle up, and her Mother was left with the Custody. Her mother and Misty had harsh arguments at home and Mistys self esteem was really low.

At fifteen years old, Misty Copeland won first place in the Los Angeles Music Centre Spotlight Awards at the Chandler Pavilion in March 1998. Copeland said it was the first time she ever faced nervousness. The winners received schozarships between $500 and $2500. Her victory in the 10th annual contest among gifted high school students in California secured her recognition by the Los Angeles Times as the best young dancer in the Los Angeles Area.

She attended the summer workshop at the San Francisco Ballet School in 1998. Sh elected the workshop over offers from the Joffrey Ballet, ABT and the Dance Theater of Harlem, amongst others. Of the programs she auditioned for, only NYCB declined to make her an offer. San Francisco Ballet, ABT and New York City Ballet are regarded as the three  ballet best classical ballet companies in the USA. During the six-week workshop at San Francisco BS, Misty was placed in the most advanced classes. At the end of the workshop, she received one of the few offers to continue as a full-time student at the school. She declined the offer because of the desire from her mother to return home.

Misty was appointed a soloist at ABT in August 2007 as one of the youngest ABT dancers promoted to soloist. As of 2008, Copeland was the only African-American woman in the dance company during her entire ABT career. The only male African American in the company during her career,Danny Tidewell left in 2005. In an international ballet community with a lack of diversity of races,  she was so unusual as an African American ballerina.

On June 30, 2015, she became the first African-American woman to be promoted to Principal Ballerina in ABT’s 75-year history. Her achievement was groundbreaking, as there have been very few African-American principal ballerinas at major companies. According to the 2015 documentary about her,A Ballerinas Tale until Copeland, “there had  never been a Black female principal dancer at a major international Company.”

Copeland next accepted the role of Ivy Smith in the Broadway Show of On the Town, which she played for two weeks from August 25 to September 6.

Over a matter of Tİme, Misty Copeland was on a lot of Shows, Ballet spectacles and much more. There are a lot of Documentarys about her.

Best Tips for Ballet/Dance Class

Hey Everybody, today I have a post that will mostly Affect the my loyal dancer readers. Today I have my Top 15 Tips for Ballet Class.

  1. Always have a bottle of Water with you. That is just common sense
  2. Accept that not everything will be easy at first, and you might not get everything right at first
  3. Apply the corrections your teachers give you.
  4. point your feet, stretch your legs.
  5. Always stand up straight.
  6. Do some yoga or some pilates at least 2 times a week.
  7. Stretch everyday. No matter what. Even if you are sick just do the splits in your bed or stretch.
  8. Take a hot bath with muscle crystals. I mean those bath salts and some oils. It will do your muscles magic.
  9. Or, if your feet start to really hurt, take an Ice bath(just on you feet)
  10. Feed your body WISELY. Yes, wisely. Don’t go on all-carb-diets or protein diets. Eat a little bit of everything. Your body needs fat and carbs.
  11. Practice the 5th position daily. It works magic for your turnout.
  12. Always have you hands and arms straight up.
  13. Be yourself, but don’t be to confident.
  14. imagine very class is a Competition
  15. Most importantly, be passionate about it

I hope that these Tips helped you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Tips

Happy New Year everyone. As you might not already know, I don’t have any new year resolutions because I just do not do any of them. I know thats no good, but at the end of the day, IDC<3


SO here are my Top 15 Tips for a better Life and Being a Better human. This is all in my perspective so don’t cry about it later on, Please? Thank u

  1. Say hello to people.  Even if you don’t like them. But if you really hate them, just ignore them
  2. Learn to let go. Not everyone is good for you. You don’t need everyone to be your friend.
  3. Try your best in school. It seems hard, but try your best.
  4. do not be fake. If you don’t like someone, be honest and tell them.
  5. Do not gossip. It will get you in trouble.
  6. Do gossip, if you have the guts to tell it to their faces.
  7. Don’t keep quiet all the time. If something is bothering SOL
  8. Do not care about what other think of you.
  9. Do not try to be someone you are not
  10. try to make new friends and leave old ones behind
  11. Tell your teachers if you have a problem
  12. Get you my Book ones it comes out.
  13. Some people say 365 new days 365 new chances. That is incorrect.
  14. No 2. Chances in 2018
  15. and finally, be yourself and find a group where you fit in.


These were my 15 Tips for a good year. 2018 won’t be better than 2017(at least I think so) But I will try and make the best of it.



Nobel week Dialoge 2017 #1

Hallo alle zusammen. Wie ihr schon wisst, gehe ich jedes Jahr auf die Nobel Konferenz nach Schweden. Jedes Jahr gehe ich auf diese Konferenz, seit 2012.

Dieses Jahr war das Thema , die Zukunft von Warheit, oder the Future of Truth. İch finde es sehr sehr sehr interessant obwohl eine gewisse Person meinte: wetten es war nur langweilig. Wenn ich ehrlich sein darf, ich habe sehr sehr sehr gut ausgesprägte english Kenntnisse und bin etwas klüger als manche Personen die ich kenne. In dem ersten Teil werde ich euch nur meine Meinung zu dem Thema sagen und in dem 2. Teil werde ich etwas in die Konferenz gehen.

Was ihr wissen müsst, ist das ich nicht immer die Wahrheit sage. Das ist aber nur um nicht von der Schule geschmissen zu werden. Manchmal ist die eigene Wahrheit halt nicht relevant. Aber was alles gesagt wurde ist so richtig und so korrekt. Aber was Wahrheit ist, es gibt verschiedene Arten das zu begründen. Man kann  es mit der Wissenschaft begründen, aber in diesem kurzen Post geht es nicht wirklich darum.

Egal was ihr macht, bemerkt ihr, das Youtube euch immer hardcore zum weiteren treibt* Wenn ihr zum Beispiel ein Video über Vegetarisch seien guckt, kommt an der rechten Seite ein Video übers Vegan sein. Also kurz gefasst Youtube und Facebook treiben euch immer eins Weiter.

Aber was mich sehr interessiert hat ist die Wahrheit auf Sozialen Medien. Es gibt sehr viele Fake News, auch Hoax genannt. Persönlich habe ich sehr viele verschiedene Erfahrung mit Hoaxen. zum Beispiel der Hoax mit ”Teresa Figaldo” oder auch ”die welt wird am xx.x.2015 untergehen. Solche Sachen.


dieser Blogpost ist aber nur ein ”Preview” worum es im echten Blogpost n¨chste Woche gehen wird. Danke aber das ihr bis hier gelesen habt, was auch EHRLİCH gesagt, nicht schwer war.. oder? Bis zum nächsten mal,



20 interessante fragen

  1. Katze oder Hund
  2. Eis oder Kuchen
  3. Sommer oder Winter
  4. Netflix oder Youtube
  5. Avatar oder Transformers
  6. Apple oder Samsung
  7. Pepsi oder Coca Cola
  8. Fußball oder Basketball
  9. Blond oder Braun
  10. Adidas oder Nike
  11. Kaffe oder Tee
  12. T-shirt oder Tank Top
  13. Yeezys oder Jordans
  14. X-Box oder Playstation
  15. Assasins Creed oder L.O.L
  16. Skydiving oder Bungee Jumping
  17. Schokolade oder Vanille
  18. Burger King oder McDonalds
  19. Schule oder Ferien
  20. Meer oder Pool
  21. haha logang oder team10

Ich habe mich lange nicht gemeldet aber was diese liste mit meinem Blog zu tu  habt werdet ihr in der nächsten Ausgabe erfahren:)

Being Honest #2

Hello there, here is another post of me being completely honest with you. Today we are going to talk about my least favourite holiday: Halloween. I cant stand halloween. Most of the people out there do not need to dress up because they’re own face is scary enough.  I absolutely love halloween partys though, they have amazing food and you can see all the other people dressing up like fools. I am probably going to a Halloween Party, because its free and I plan scaring the crap out of people, but other than that i do not like Halloween

I still believe that Halloween is- exactly like Valentines day- made up by the industry to earn Money. Think of it, You spend Money on your decoration, on the costumes, on the Sweets and on other stuff. That makes a lot of wasted money. I am probably going to buy bright coloured Contacts and I will make the rest up from scratch.

But in america Halloween is not that safe either. The Killer Clown Craze was last year, so people dressed up as clowns on Halloween and killed 40 people. That is pretty violent. Children can also get kidnapped if they are lured in a house on Halloween. I watched so many PSA’s and social experiments on this.

Overall I think Halloween is not the best holiday, I dislike it a lot, but the partys are amazing. During this week I may write a blogpost about DİY-COstumes.

So,see you soon


ok, so before this Blog Post starts I wanted to give you a little alert that Cry Babys are not welcome.And if you do not tolerate my opinion on anything just Click away. Like I didn’t really g.a.s. anyways but I will fire back and be mean if any of you come up to me in School or in the comments. Like just stfu. But there will be some Graphic Content. I wont put in very bloody pictures but some stuff will be in here.

The reason is because I am mad. And I wanted to talk real with you all. Its about something that has been bothering me so much. Its Animal cruelty. Yesterday I saw a documentary where people from some dumb islands were cutting like 100s of Dolphins. Like, its just mean. I don’t care if its your tradition or not, you aren’t supposed to kill animals! NO one wants that. This ısland thing has all the food the rest of the world has. They don’t have to eat whales. The wales mean more to me than the actual people. Yeah, I don’t like you if you don’t like my opinion. This is my Blog and I can write anything I want… If you don’t like go in the corner and cry.

Just do not get me started on chineese. I actually like china and I like chineese Food but they just eat any 4 legged thing. ı am sorry if I hurt any of your feelings, but thats just the truth. Like, CHineese eat cats. I won’t ever move to China and bring my cat because I am sure that they will eat my cat. And don’t dare and touch my cat. That does not go for all of the chineese. Of course not all of the chineese are cruel to animals, but some of  them are.

The same thing goes for Dogs and Cats. I once said I wanted to get a Pitbull and everyone looked at me like ı was Justin Bieber. Well actually he’s an animal to but all the 10 year old ”Believers” will bully me over social media if ı say something like that. The dog is not bad itself. The human who makes the dog bad is bad. I once wrote a story about this and I landed on the TEDxReset TED Conference. SO I know what I am talking about. I think I am a little bit smarter in this case. Or else ı wouldn’t have ended up on Ted. IT ALWAYS İS THE HUMAN. ALWAYS.

Just close your eyes and imagine if this was your dog.

What did animals do. Sooner or later we will all die, and it docent matter. Every single second a new kid is born, every single second somebody dies. Someone even died while you are reading this sentence. Or hundreds.  So, did you care? Did you ever think about it that way? Humans can continue expanding but, most of animal species are about to die. So there won’t be any more of them. For Example there is only 1 white Tiger left. So please be careful and do not tolerate animal cruelty.



Animal testing is also really bad. Now I will not insert a picture of how the animals look after testings but I will insert some of the company that use animal testing, and some of them that don’t use animal testing.






Here is some Makeup that if cruelty free.

Here are some brand who use it.


I also sometimes complain about the prices but think about it, is a animals life less worth than makeup?

So, see you tomorrow. BTW these are new series that are called Being Honest. Every week/ 2 a week i will be honest about hot topics.

Review- Anabelle

Helllo everyone, today is going to be all about the Horror-Movie Annabelle.  I assure you there wont be any spoilers in the whole post.

So, first of all I want to remember that this is a horror movie, but its not like a trashy horror movie, for example like Dabbe. Its a quite mature and really good quality horror movie. There is actually a back story to it and its not as scary as it looks. Still if you aren’t comfortable with horror Movies or scary stuff you might not want to watch the Trailer.

I love this Movie so much, it was such an amazing Movie, at some points it was a little bit scary but there are no Jumpscares like 95% of the time like the other Movies.  But there is one thing i wish they had done differently. At some points the movie was basically just like an ordinary movie, not really like a horror movie. At some points there was just the girl and the nun. So not really that amazing. But the rest of the movie was good. There is one scenario that I even was disgusted by watching. But i promised no spoilers so, I won’t tell you which part that is.

Actually the  movie is all about a nun with a bunch of parentless kids look for a new place to stay at and they find this castle with an married couple. The married couple has a secret that they don’t want the girls and the non and the priest to know, but unfortunatly they find out. So for instance, if you like horror movies, this is a good movie. But again the trailer is way scarier then the actual movie.

İ will insert the trailer right here.

Im sorry I could not put the video right here i will insert the link


So the movie is really good, but not the movie that requirers the most adrenalin or anything like that. But if you want something less creepy thats what this is. Like IT is the thing to watch, if you want something scrarier.

So, see you tomorrow!



Boy 7 Kritik

Hellö, heute geht es um ein sehr spannendes buch was wir zwar im Unterricht bearbeiten aber es auch so einer der Besten Bücher die ich je gelesen habe.

In dem Buch geht es um einen Jungen namens Sam Waters der auf einer Heissen Grass-Ebene aufwacht und sich an nichts erinnert. Er weiss nicht wer er ist, wie er hierher gekommen ist oder wo er ist. Er sieht niemanden und kein einziges Haus. Alles was er findet ist eine Tasche mit einem Notiz-Buch, Geld und einem handy wo eine Sprachnachricht steht. Auf der Sprachnachricht sagt er: Was auch immer geschieht, ruf nicht die Polizei!

Dann erinnert er sich langsam an alles, was das grosse Graue Gebäude und die Wunde an seinem Ohr mit dem Fall zu tun hat. Er  nennt sich 7 weil auf seinen Socken eine grosse 7 Steht. Er liesst das Buch und findet heraus was in der Vergangenen Zeit passiert ist. İch will euch nichts Spoilern denn das buch ist so unendlich spannend. İhr müsst es euch besorgen, und wenn ich das über ein Buch sage dann ist das was besonderes, denn ich mag oft die meisten Bücher nicht. Aber dieses Buch verwickelt euch so in die Geschichte. Also es ist so als wäre ihr dabei. Ich habe mich einmal auf der Rückfahrt von meinem Sommerhaus an das Buch gesetzt, und habe es in 2.5 Stunden komplett fertiggelesen. 266 Seiten voller Spannung.

Und das Thema ist auch Zeitgenössisch also es könnte technisch geschehen aber ich wünsche es nicht wirklich jedem. Manchen Wünsche ich sogar das sie..

Egal haha, aber das Buch ist toll, ich kann euch keine Weiteren informationen geben denn, alles wäre ein Spoiler. Also besorgt euch das Buch,


und bis bald.

Glaubt mir ihr werdet es bestimmt nicht bereuen