Best Tips for Ballet/Dance Class

Hey Everybody, today I have a post that will mostly Affect the my loyal dancer readers. Today I have my Top 15 Tips for Ballet Class.

  1. Always have a bottle of Water with you. That is just common sense
  2. Accept that not everything will be easy at first, and you might not get everything right at first
  3. Apply the corrections your teachers give you.
  4. point your feet, stretch your legs.
  5. Always stand up straight.
  6. Do some yoga or some pilates at least 2 times a week.
  7. Stretch everyday. No matter what. Even if you are sick just do the splits in your bed or stretch.
  8. Take a hot bath with muscle crystals. I mean those bath salts and some oils. It will do your muscles magic.
  9. Or, if your feet start to really hurt, take an Ice bath(just on you feet)
  10. Feed your body WISELY. Yes, wisely. Don’t go on all-carb-diets or protein diets. Eat a little bit of everything. Your body needs fat and carbs.
  11. Practice the 5th position daily. It works magic for your turnout.
  12. Always have you hands and arms straight up.
  13. Be yourself, but don’t be to confident.
  14. imagine very class is a Competition
  15. Most importantly, be passionate about it

I hope that these Tips helped you!!!!!!!!!!!!