Review- Anabelle

Helllo everyone, today is going to be all about the Horror-Movie Annabelle.  I assure you there wont be any spoilers in the whole post.

So, first of all I want to remember that this is a horror movie, but its not like a trashy horror movie, for example like Dabbe. Its a quite mature and really good quality horror movie. There is actually a back story to it and its not as scary as it looks. Still if you aren’t comfortable with horror Movies or scary stuff you might not want to watch the Trailer.

I love this Movie so much, it was such an amazing Movie, at some points it was a little bit scary but there are no Jumpscares like 95% of the time like the other Movies.  But there is one thing i wish they had done differently. At some points the movie was basically just like an ordinary movie, not really like a horror movie. At some points there was just the girl and the nun. So not really that amazing. But the rest of the movie was good. There is one scenario that I even was disgusted by watching. But i promised no spoilers so, I won’t tell you which part that is.

Actually the  movie is all about a nun with a bunch of parentless kids look for a new place to stay at and they find this castle with an married couple. The married couple has a secret that they don’t want the girls and the non and the priest to know, but unfortunatly they find out. So for instance, if you like horror movies, this is a good movie. But again the trailer is way scarier then the actual movie.

İ will insert the trailer right here.

Im sorry I could not put the video right here i will insert the link


So the movie is really good, but not the movie that requirers the most adrenalin or anything like that. But if you want something less creepy thats what this is. Like IT is the thing to watch, if you want something scrarier.

So, see you tomorrow!