Winter – The magic Season.

It’s close to Winter! So today it will be all about Winter. First i have to say Winter is not my favorite season!  The weather gets colder,you get sick sometimes and lots of other negative things.

Otherwise there are lots of nice things: Christmas, snow, hot chocolate and pullovers. I like it when it’s Christmas because you get lots of presents! What do you want for Christmas?

The Weather is really cold in Antarctica! There it is really freezing. I like to read a book and drink  hot tea or hot chocolate:) What do you like to do? In Winter there are also Ice skating areas and Skiing areas.

In Winter all people wear a big warm jacket and warm T-shirts. Also a lot of people get a cold because they get infected and are not feeling well because of the cold weather. I like when the house is decorated Christmas themed! Look at the picture.

I like to drink a hot chocolate. I also like to put in Marshmallows into my hot Chocolate. But not alot because the Marshmallows melt and then the Drink dosen’t taste nice.

Last year on New Year we were at my Aunts House and we  had a great New Year Party! Evryone of my Family was there. Not evryone but alot of my Cousins,Aunts and other family Members.

I like the New Year Fireworks all over the Bosporus. They look amazing.

There are also animals that sleep the whole Winter long like the: the Hamster, The Rabbit and more.

Winter is from December to March i think. Winter is the coldest Season of all 4 Seasons. It’s the last Season in the year.

Have a good day. See you, Gülru Aksu