Welsh Food!

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Welsh Cuisine means the food traditions and the cooking teqniques and other stuff of Wales. Welsh cuisine has also similar stuff to the British Cuisine. Cuisine means Kitchen in france . They Love to cook lamb, lamb with mint sauce is traditional for Wales. Welsh cooking often includes seafood like fish and other stuff! LOL! especially close to the coast, where fishing is strong and fisheries are common. The Leek is the national Welsh Vegetable! I like Leek soup!

Cheese is commonly used in Welsh kitchen. My mom loves cheese. Any type of cheese.

But Beer is the national drink of Wales.  There are a a lot of welsh beers.  They make Bragawd, or Braggot, made by blending mead with ale, or brewing ale using honey is an old tradition in Wales. There are some beers that have bin brewing really long in wales. The welsh people also like to drink Welsh Whisky or any whisky in general.

Here I have a few Welsh Food examples for you.

  • Tatws Pum Munud (English: five minute potatoes), a traditional Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and bacon, and cooked on top of the stove.
  • Tatws Popty (English: oven potatoes), a traditional Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and a joint of meat, and cooked in an oven.
  • Teisennau Tatws (English: Potato Cakes), is a potato dish, served as an accompaniment — not a main dish in its own right.
  • Welsh rarebit or Welsh rabbit, although now synonymous with Wales, the origins of this dish are unclear and the name may actually be an ironic English reference to Welsh cuisine. The Welsh term for this dish is caws pobi, meaning baked cheese.
  • Bara brith, “speckled bread”, is a sweet bread which originated in Wales. It is traditionally made with raisins, Zante currant, and candied peel.
  • Cawl is a Welsh stew with lamb and leeks.
  • Roast lamb with laver sauce or with plum sauce.
  • Shepherd’s pie, a type of lamb meat pie made with mashed potatoes, is often associated with Wales.
  • Cockles are very popular in Wales and served in a variety of ways although usually steamed.
  • Crempogau are Welsh buttermilk pancakes.
  • Faggots are Welsh meatballs made from lamb or pig’s liver, onions and a cereal binder.
  • Glamorgan sausage (WelshSelsig Morgannwg) is cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs in the shape of a sausage.
  • Laverbread, or Bara Lawr in Welsh, is a Welsh seaweed delicacy. The laver is mixed with oatmeal, which is formed into patties and usually fried in bacon fat.
  • Welsh cakes also known as bakestones (Welshpicau ar y maenpicau bachcacenni cri or teisennau gradell) are small cakes cooked on a bakestone.
  • Leek soup (WelshCawl Cennin or Cawl Mamgu (“Granny’s stew”)).
  • Lobscows is a popular stew in Holyhead and Anglesey.
  • Monkfish, often served with laver, common on the coast.


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