Hi! Happy late new Year to all of you!

Today its all gonna be about Turkey. No, not the animal. The Country.

Turkey is the only country in the world wich is separated in two continents with an small sea. The capital city is Ankara. But the biggest city from the population is Istanbul, thats were I live!

Turkey has its own money wich is the turkish lira. The population was 2013 about 76,667,864. Thats alot I guess!:)

The president is Recep Tayıp Erdoğan. I know you may don’t know how to pronounce it correctly because we have a few diffrent letters than the USA and the other countrys do.

The prime ministeris Ahmet Davutoğlu. Some letters that you may don’t know are: ç,ş,ı,ğ and ö. The i like thing is an i without an dot on top. You may learn turkish one day!:)

The total aerea is 783,562 km 2. Some citys are: Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Bursa, Erzurum, Balıkesir, Mersin, Samsun, Urfa,Rize, Balıkesir,Mardin, Kocaeli, Antakya, Aydın and Kayseri.

Turkey has 81 citys. I live in the biggest city of all. YAY! Turkey is very popular for its yummy delicious food! My favorite food is Mantı. YUMM! Its like the ravioli and it has tiny meatballs in it. It is served with delicious sauce and yoghurt!

And it tastes soo goood! Another very popular thing all over the world is Döner! You may know that, for sure! The germans love döner. Another very popular thing are meatballs. They are called Köfte.

OH, I forgot to tell you that my favorite food comes from Kayseri. Go check it out. I’m sure you are gonna love it. Another very popular and famous thing is the Van breakfeast.

2012 was a big earthquake in Van. Alot of people los their homes and work places. :(! 🙁 And 1999 was a earthquake in Istanbul. Luxkly i was not existng then!

The black sea region loves to eat fish. I don’t like fish but the other ones do!:-) Do you? The famous Simit is served with black tea. Yep, the turkish people drink alot of tea.

They are more the tea- lovers. not the coffe lovers. Though we have our own turkish coffe. It’s very dark. And bitter. Yuck!

Anyways. There are a thon of foods I can list. So now I am gonna tell you the top sights: the Grand Baazar, Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, And now is where I live: Galata, its one of the most famous places in Istanbul. And there is a galat tower that is 67m long.

Some people extra come from Germany and the USA and so far so on to just see the tower and visit Istanbul. And I live right next to the towe. Lucky  Gulru. Hey my name is originally written Gülru, but since you don’t have that letter i am gonna be polite and use U instead of Ü.

So we had a very long history going on. We had a ton of sultans and war going on. So some Sultans were:  1. Osman, 1. Orhan, 1. Murat, 1. Bayezid, 1. Mehmet, 1. Süleyman. And so many more.

The anthem of Turkey is exactly 1 minute and 8 seconds long. It’s called the Istiklal Marşı.

334 v. Chr. Alexander the great conquest all of Asia. So we are not in the European Union.But we weren’t Turkey before a person called Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came in and saved us all. But he died 1938.

The Anotolian peninsula, comprising most of modern Turkey, is one of the oldest permanently settled regions in the world. To separte the two continents and make it still able to go to the other part of Turkey they have maded a bridge called the Boporus Bridge.

And the west of anatolia inhabited since the middle of second millerium. Whoo! Thats complicated! You may can ask your history teaher about that!

Turkey has also a own plane company called Turkish airlines. Wow!

I hope you learned more about my hom country Turkey when not you can say your honest opinion. Thank you for your attention

Sincerly Gulru Aksu.