Top 10 Modern Dancers!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about the 10 best modern dancers. Before we get started I want to let you know that not all of them live anymore.

  1. Isadora Duncan.    She was the founder  was the founder of Modern Dance. She is american but soon moved to London and then to Paris. See my Blogpost about her:
  2. Martha Graham. She was a very good and Famous Dancer. She even has her own dance company. But she died. Check out my Blogpost about her to: 
  3. Mary Wigman. She was one of the great European dancers of the early 20th century. She called her own style dark and expressive, and focused on bringing real human emotions and experiences into dance. I havent got a post about her yet but I soon will maybe!
  4. Merce Cunningham! Merce Cunningham was an american choreograph and tried to teach everything in a innovative way. He was also Friends with Martha. Here is a Wikipedia post about him:
  5. Doris Humphrey. I do not really know much about her but she was an american choreograph. She was a twentieth century dancer. Here is a post about her:
  6. Katherine Dunham, she  an American dancer and choreographer, was a trendsetter in African-American modern dance. Here is more about her:
  7. Alvin Ailey was an american choreographer who made his own dance theathre Read more about him here:

8. Twyla Tharp. She is an still active Choreographer in New York today and is an modern dancer. Read more about her here:

9. Lester Horton. He  enjoyed a nice  career as a modern dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He chose to work out of California instead of New York City, which meant that he was away from the center of the dance world, but next to the center of the movie industry in Hollywood. So he could have many opportunities. Here is more information about him:

10.Eugene Curran Kelly, known as Gene Kelly, was an Academy Award-winning American dancer, actor, singer, director, producer and choreographer. He choreographed a lot of dances. He is the tenth because he did not focus on modern dance only. Here is a lot more information:

so theese 10 were/are the best modern dancers of the history. See you tomorrow!