The USA!

Hi, how are you doing?

It is snowing a lot. I don’t have school today. It is about 10-20 cm high snow!

Today  it is gonna be about the USA. The capital City of the US is Washington DC. But the largest city is New York. I have bin there last year easter. It was fun.

This year I went to Chicago. It was nice to. It is the 3rd most largest country from the population. The population is: 320,206,000 Yep that is a lot!

The total Area is 9,857,306. Again that is also a lot. The american people have got alot of sports they are good at. Like Baseball or American football, basketball, dance, gymnastics and so many more.

The kids go to school. They have a few other subjects then we do here in turkey. Like social studies or the lunch and the break is diffrent. Yes, there  are some difrences.

Some states and citys in america are: virginia, new york, las vegas, los angels, illnois, chicago and a lot more.

The first ones to see america were the wikings. No, not Christopher Columbus but the Wikings did it about 1500 years earlier then Columbus did.

When he arrived first in america he thought that was india because he wanted to sail usa ile ilgili görsel sonucuto india not america. Then he thought he was in india and named the persons there the indians.

That is why some people call some sort of the americans indians. There was a very very bad thing that happend on 11th of september. Two planes chrushed in the twin towers in new york.

That was very bad. Many people died. Now there are no towers anymore , now its called ground zero. That was not nice!

The people from europe come to america, wich was called india and got a lot of slaves and they got a lot of food from there to. But now, america is a great country with very nice people there.

Famous singers like Lonew york ile ilgili görsel sonucurde, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are from the USA.  They are all united. There was a time where black people and white people in america don’t even talked to each other.

They were not treated like humans. Then there was a man called Martin Luther King. He said a very emotional sentence, 28 August 1963 he said: I have a dream, one day………

Sorry I really do not know the rest! I’ll search for it. Just letting you know york ile ilgili görsel sonucu

They not only talk english, but they also talk spanish. In NY they even had a discussion about if the language in NY should be dutch. But they all talk english now.

Most of them. There are also good universitys like the MIT, Havard, Stanford, University of New York and a lot more.

Bye Bye!