The performance and Stage of modern dance!

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to talk about the modern dance stage and costumes.

The costumes aren’t funky they are mostly elegant. Nice and sometimes really long. They are really really nice! TO talk about the show… The lights and the music are mostly dark and dramatic. Sometimes on the back of the stage there even are images on the back.

There can be solos duos trios and even 4 people in groups but mostly there are people im groups. Mostly one is the Lead of the group and it really is about expression.

IF boys and girls dance with each other the boys lift the girls and do skills. I don’t like some performances that are really slow and so on. Some dances are really boring and I don’t think they could be considered as a dance.

Most dances use chairs are tables are even fog machines and other things they use on stage. I actually think the whole dance looks better and more realistic if they us some items in their dance. You can’t pretend there is a sword in your hand that easy and focus on your dance at the same time.

so my advice: Use some stuff around the house. It can even be a shoe or a blanket.

Modern dance is all about being creative! About spontaneity and also your imagination. Moves are slow.

Now to their shoes. Modern dancers don’t even have shoes on at all. But thats bad because if your feet aren’t nice people will see them:)!

Here are some videos.


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So, see you tomorrow!