The Komodo Dragon!

Hello! Today I am gonna talk about the Komodo Dragon. No, he is not a dragon. He is a lizzard! Yes he really is. I was on  National Geographic Kids and I read this amazing Text and you should really check out the Website. They are Reptiles. Here is the link. 

They are the heaviest and biggest lizzards on earth. Hey, they may be other lizards on the Uranus or somewhere in the universe… No, just kidding! Well maybe not. Maybe we should just get started!

A grown adult Komodo can be 3m long and also weigh about 140 kilograms. But that is little rare. Most weigh about 70 kilograms. I mean the average Komodos.

Komodo can get 30 years old but scientists still study on that!

Wild Komodo dragons are found only on Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. Komodo dragons can be a bit rare in Zoos. I am not sure if I saw one! If you go to a zoo, be sure to ask for Komodo Dragons:) At the end of the blogpost I put an Image of where exactly the Komodo live.

They have been around or a few million years.

Komodos will actually eat everything they find. They eat meat, dead animals, berries and co….. But sometimes they even eat humans. While hunting Komodos wait in bushes or behind trees till they see there victims and eat them! They have huge appetites and have been known to eat 80 percent of their body weight in a single feeding. Well they really eat a lot we can agree on that!

Female Komodos will guard their baby for several months. The females can lay up to 30 eggs at one time. Babies are green with yellow and black bands but they become red-brown or grey while they grow older. Young dragons will stay in the trees until they are about eight months old. And the eggs are laid in September. My birth month!

An animal that escapes the jaws of a Komodo won’t be lucky for long. They have large amounts of bacteria, which poisons their victims in 24 hours. Thats sad! Why can’t they escape? Well its nature!They are Carnivores because they also eat meat. But also eat everything!

In zoos they are quite popular because of their length. But as I said its rare to have them in zoos.

Normal Komodos are greyish brown or brown-red.

Thats where the komodo Dragons live

See you tomorrow!