Rudolf Nureyev

Hello, today our theme is about one of the greatest dancers of history.  If you have been on my blog for a long time you might have heard his name from previous posts.. whatever lets get started.

Rudolf Nureyev was an amazing dancer, choreographer and ballet dancer that died January 6th 1993. He was aged 54 when he died. Thats pretty young but whatever. Rudolf Nureyev was director of the Paris Opera Ballet from 1983 to 1989 and its director choreographer until October 1992.

He is one of the most celebrated dancers and choreographers. HE was born and raised as the only Son of the Tatar Family. HE had sisters but he was the only boy of his Parents. one day his mom brought him to the ballet performance: Song of the cranes.

He started ballet at 11 years old and his teacher soon realised that he has a lot of talent for modern dance and ballet. HE had been trained in Leningrad and was also at a ballet school there. He auditioned for a ballet school  and was admitted there. However he felt like the Kirov ballet school was the best, so he auditioned and was admitted there.

Until he was 17 he didn’t get admitted to the Choreography school in Leningrad but in 1955 he got admitted.  He studied there and when he was At Kirov Ballet school a prima ballerina chose him as her partner. But his most famous partner was Margot Fonteyn. He went on and on and became a soloist at the Kirov Ballet. IF you don’t know this, being a soloist in a good school is amazing.

Soon he became one of the bets known dancers in the soviet union. HE reformed 15 Roles in his time At the Kirov Ballet.  HE choreographed a lot of Dances for multiple company like, the ballet school in Berlin that I want to go to, and the Royal Ballet.

So, sadly then he passed away because of AIDS and yes, so see you guys tomorrow!