Olympics 2012 – Gymnastics

Hello! Today it is gonna be about the Olympics in gymnastics. I am not only a quarter as good as them but I think my favourite gymnast is Aliya Mustafina. She is really good on all events. 2012 the all around champion is  Gabrielle Douglas. The second and third are Victoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina!

I only think it is unfair that the americans get favoured! So stupid! They are really good but they really the favourite. There are 4 events. I used to be a gymnast to for 4 and a half years.

The four events are Vault, bars, beam and floor. Floor is easy to explain. Watch the Video of Aliya Mustafinas Floor routine she is amazing!

She is so good! Men and Woman gymnastics are a little bit different. Mens have rings pkmel horse, horizontal bars and a few more events. I personally like Woman gymnastics more. My favourite event was bars but it is also one of the hardest events that are out there!

The bars are really cool! Watch this Video to! It is so cool. I love bars they are so incredible. Aliya Mustafa was the bars champion.  Here watch the Video to see the full Bars routines!

I am so exited for the olympics 2016. I want to see who is gonna be there and stuff.

The all around champion was Gabby Douglas. She is from the team USA! She is pretty good to. Well, the team champs were america. The second were Russia and the 3. were Romania.  I wanted Russia to win but as I said the americans were favoured!

But all the teams are good. My favourite gymnast is Aliya Mustafa. She is so good at all events. I want Russia to win this year! Alexandra Raisman from the USA won the floor final by the womans. The men floor champion is Kai Zou from China.

The mens  routines are really nice to! They are really hard. The Beam Champion was Linlin Deng from China. The mens do not have Balance beam but horizontal bars! They are really cool. That is also so hard. This is a Video of Epke Zonderland winning the event Rings from the man.

You need to get a pretty high score  to go on the podium at least 15.000 or 14.750 . The mens team competitions champs were China,   Japan and great Britain. Again, the britains are favoured but they are good!

The Russian are good at everything. But I have to tell you the best at the beam were definitely the Chineese. Better isn’t possible, well they also get so hard training to!

Bye, see you !