My opinion to Modern Dance

Hello everyone. Hope you have fun while reading this thing I am not going to talk 3 hours about a intro so lets start.

So first things first…. I love any kind of dance but modern dance is definetly one of my personal favorites! Sometimes it is really boring and you can almost fall asleep while watching some dances but most of them are awesome!!

Some people really do it like they are in slow motion.. That is really annoying. But modern dance is way harder then it looks like. You should do sharp moves like you do in jazz and you need to take care of the music……

I like action in dances. Some scary/ interesting music can’t be wrong! But I don’t like when they make up a dance about the problems of the world… This is really annoying to.

But actually modern dance is really awesome and its also super duper interesting. As I said its not much about the technique it is about feelings. I love modern dance, it is awesome and i suggest you to do that to.

Most importantly love what you are doing.

So, see you tomorrow! ,