You’ve known jellyfishes from Spongebob, and now its time that you get to know them better. That’s what my blog post is all about. I write, you learn and I am happy! How about Gulru stops talking and tells you about jellyfishes!


Hey, if you first think of the name you are thinking thats a funny name right? Thats right, because they actually feel like jelly. And they also look exactly like jelly. Just if you are wondering, the name jellyfish is used since 1796.

But they don’t taste like jelly. And you are probably asking  where do I know what a jellyfish tastes like? Well I googeld it. And the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and the Asian eat jellyfish with a little bit of chilli and soya sauce.

You have probably seen Jelly fishes in aquariums right? Well I have seen some very common ones in Istanbul. I was on the ship with my aunt and then I saw a bunch of Jellyfishes swimming in the dark blue water.

They are the most  efficient and in my opinion the coolest swimming animals. They are not actually fish, they don’t belong to the category fish. There name just has the word fish in it. The same thing goes for me. I have rose in turkish in my name and I am not a rose.

For those of you who are wondering how they can swim, its because they expand their body to push the water behind them. This seems complicated but is actually very easy to understand! They live in groups of jellyfishes and they are called blooms, or only some jellyfish live in groups.

They sting people, but the don’t do it because they don’t want you there, well also that but they actually do it by accident. I mean if I had 1,5m long stringers I wouldn’t be surprised if I stringed someone too. But the fun ends when Malo Kingi is around. He is so deadly that even a touch of him can make you die. But here the shocking news……

He is only as big as a fingernail. Yes, I am not joking! You can not recognize them when they are around. So I wouldn’t risk my life on them. But it is up to you.  They have a loose network of nerves. So they have nerves everywhere and they are really sensitive.

They eat other jellyfish, fish eggs and plankton. Put they are also eaten by human! That sounds crazy but I already told you that the asian eat the poor fish. Some actually live pretty deep in the ocean. So you have to be a professional diver to find the coolest jellyfish.

Here are also some types:

The Purple striped jellyfish, the white spotted jellyfish, Lions mane, moon  jelly and so much more. There’s no exact count of how many jellyfish there are. Jellies destroy fish nets and poison fish. They can also poison us so better be careful! But not all of them poison us. Some are actually so cool that you can hold them in your hand!