Isadora Duncan!

Hello Everyone! Today my blogpost is going to be about the dancer Isadora Duncan. I think her name is really strange. I am not trying to be rude but yes….

She was born May 26 or 27, 1877  and died September 14, 1927. She was an American dancer. She was Born in California, she lived in the west of Europe and east europe from the age of 22 until her death at  50. She was a very good dancer and performer.

She died by breaking her neck. Her scarf became tangled with the wheel of the ,,car” she was sitting in. It broke her neck and that way she died! She is in the dance hall of fame!

Isadora Duncan was born in  San Francisco.Her Parents were really creative to. Thats why she became so interested in art and became a dancer. She was the youngest of four children. Her two brothers were called Augustin and Rymond.  Her sister, Elizabeth Duncan was also a dancer. Soon after Isadora’was born her father was caught im illegal bank dealings, and their family became extremely poor.

Her parents were divorced.  And her mother moved with her family to Oakland She worked there as a piano teacher. She went to school, but not for so long because she thought it was not creative enough. And to much indivisuality, you know! Because they were really poor the kid Elizabeth and ıusador taught children that were younger dance lessons.

In 1896 Isadora became part of the Augustin Daly’s theater company in New York. Her father died soon to. But that was not really Important because their parents were divorced anyway.

Isadora began her dancing career by teaching lessons in her home from the time she was six till her teenage years. She wanted to dance free. She taught children how to dance perfectly. She wanted to travel. So her wish brought her to Chicago where she auditioned for many theater companies, she then finally found a place in Augustin Daly’s company. This job took her to New York City where her cool version of dance and her free version inspired other people.

But then she felt not happy and went to london. She moved away from the classic ballet teqnique as he wanted to be different and so she did not dance with any teqnique. She wanted to be different. It was awesome!

She had 2 children. But as I said she died when she was 50. But she was the founder of modern dance!

So, I hope you liked this post and it helped you, see you!