Glowing Plants

Hi there! How are you? School has started almost 4 weeks ago! So its time to write!  Today I am gonna write about The Glowing plants project! I think it is so cool! What? You do not know what it is?  Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you!

Let’s start. So, we all know the Lamps on the street right? They consume a lot of energy! To solve this problem in a cool way that I really love the people have come up with an idea. The idea is basically trying to take the glowworms genes or copy them and try to but the gene thats makes them glow in to a tree. So we will have a glowing tree as a street lamp! It is so cool! Just awesome!

It does not consume energy at all and if the light is intense enough it is my favourite thing! The make light without electricity! If you want to know who invented this idea the project was started by a Sunnyvale-based hackerspace. Sunnyvale is in California. So it is an american project. But if we can spread it to the whole world….. Perfect!

If they reach their goals, they would may have created the glowing Arabidopsis taliana plant. Once they created that they can also but the gen of the plant into the tree as I said! Actually they’ll have the gene in the  seeds and then it is a growing . Coll is, they also sell their glowing plant seeds! How cool is that! Go buy some right now! Here is the link .

I personally thing this idea is amazing. We, the humans also produce a ton of co2 wich is bad for our nature and atmosphere! Without using any electrcity or any energy! The normal street lamps use a ton of energy.  So this is much better.

Here is a video introducing glowing plants!

The people that do this plants have a group called kickstarter. Check their website out. The link is above. I think it is so cool that we get a more nature friendly variation. And, it looks cool! LOL!

Did you know that scientists had also tried to make glowing animals? That is not cool. The glowing plants are cool because it is help our community. Glowing animals will not help our community. Leave the animals alone!

Here is a picture of a glowing plant, no photoshop. All biology!

So cool!


So, I hoped you liked this and you’ll get some seeds, when I get them, Ill share them! So, see you!