Hi everybody.

I am not good at all. So I am gonna tell you why. I am PERFECT today. The weather is good I am gonna eat Pommes and onion Rings!

Ok, so today I am gonna tell you about England, also known as the UK! The capital City is london. There is also a very popular sight. The london eye. The national language is english of course, the regional language is cornish.

The total area is 130,395 km2. The population right now is 63, 728, 300. Let me tell you that the drivers in the car sit on the right. We in europe sit on the left.

There i also the Queen Elisabeth the 2. I have bin to London 3 years ago. I liked it. I also ate fish n’ chips. That tasted good. Some citys are: london, manchester, bristol, bradford, carlistle, oxford, ely and so many more.

There are also some sights that you may see: Tower Bridge, the london dongouns,roman baths and also there are some churches and also some museums.

A very popular museum is the MoMA.  The museum of modern art. I have bin there to. As I said I was in london and there I ate the most popular food.

Fish and chips is something you should check out. Try it and you will like it very much.  But it is ctually a very small country with a lot of population.

They are very good at soccer, rugby and of course cricktet. The kids like to play cricket. I do not like england. I mean all of this tralalal and we have a Queen the hole world has to do what we want and all this.

There are Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Scandinavians, Norman French, Scots, Welsh, and Irish. They do not go to school as long as the usa does. Bu there are also good universitys.

Like: Oxford university,  bath Spa university, london college of fashion, university of Cumbria, university of hull and much more.

The antem is God save the Queen. Another stupid thing that the english people invented. We are the best,because we have a Queen.

The most people there are christs. And there are also a lot of indian people for some reason. The history is sort of an fine drama. They got all of the slaves and people that have to work for the people there.

The rich people always win. They got the slaves and more. But on the other hand they are very nice. They do tea time at 5 o’clock. They have their one money. Pound.