En Pointe?! What exercises? How to’s and more!

Helloo everyone!! SO today I am going to talk to you about my pointe shoes! Well not exactly my pointe shoes but in general pointe shoes.

I am going to talk to you about 2 really important things.

So before I start talking to you I am going to let you know that I am not on pointe for a really long time. I just started 2 months ago. But before I started pointe I trained a long time,every single day for two hours. Then I only trained with ballet slippers. And I trained years of gymnastics and there we also trained ballet technique. But up. So what I wanted to tell you that you can’t start with having ballet or gymnastics training.

The first thing is the before pointe routine.

So for me I usually start with putting some cream all over my feet. Then I put some tape on my big toe and on my smallest toe. After that I start to stretch. I usually take a o Rope and stretch my foot as much as I can. Don start pointe work without stretching. After stretching I put on toe pads and then I start the pointe work.

My teacher said I should practice the first and sixth position. Then I also train coming up on pointe without holding on to the ballet barre. You can not imagine how amazing it is when you get your first pair of pointe shoes.

I have the bloch b morph and I can really recommend this brand. Bloch has amazing pointe shoes and ballet slippers. I can put a picture of the pointe shoes that I have here.

The thing that I recommend the most about pointe shoes is that you get fitted in a ballet or dance store. Do not go to a regular sports store and buy some pointe shoes that just fit you. The fitters have to look wich brand fits you the best. I was actually going for Grishko pointe shoes but I ended up getting bloch pointe shoes. So make sure that you’re pointe shoes fit you and be honest about how they feel


This video is very helpful!

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