Dogs! Wuff Wuff…….

Hi there, how are you?

Tomorrow I am gonna write an exam in biology about dogs. Thats why I wanted to write an  Blogpost about dogs. That is the BINGO! A double! You learn more about dogs and I have some more practice for the exam.

I really need great scores at the exam if you know what I mean:) They all originate from the wolf. There are also more than 500 types of diffrent dogs. Like: Pittbull, Husky, Labrador, golden Retriever, Collie, Border Collie, French Bulldog, Bullterrier,Shi Tzu, Malteser, Mini Malteser, Dobermann, Yorkish Terrier and a lot more.

As I said there are more than 500 Types and I can not list every single one!:) They are mammals that means that they get there kids from their stomach not from  eggs.

Like birds, they also lay eggs. They are no mammals, There only is the platypus that lays eggs and they are still mammals. They are used for many things. Also, they are pets. But they are not to easy to handle as you really think.

You have to brush them, feed him and also you have to go on walk with the dog. If you go on vacation you have to have somebody to look for your dog and to check at him.

They can smell very good. We, the humans have up to 5 Million smell cells and the dogs have up to 300-600 Million smell cells. Some of them have up to 300-600 million smell cells.

They can smell who is their friend and who is the enemie. They also help people. For example they help the police to find unallowed things in their bagpack or in their car.

They all originate from the wolf. 15.000 years ago humans started to make wolfs to some nice pets. And dogs also to nice pets. They can also help the firemans. When somebody is under the snow, the dog can find him from the smell of humans.

They also help the  blind people. But then they are well trained. I mean they have to see if the traffic lights turn  red or green.  Also babys just can have fun with them. and also little and big kids.

You also have to pay tax and the doctor! How much you have to brush his fAn Australian Cattle Dog in reindeer antlers sits on Santa's lapur or how much you have to go on a walk with him depends on the type of the dog. So, it is not easy to have an border collie in a small garden.

He is the dog that jumps and does crazy tricks. The bullterrier is in many countrys illegal. He was used during the 2. World war and is known as the scary war machine.:(!

Isn’t that stupid when everybody calls you the war machine?? Yes, it really is. My favorite types of dogs are pitbulls and huskys. I  know that pitbulls are dangerous but they are put in this stupid dog fight competitions.

All they need is love! The theeth of the dogs are very sharp and interresting. their theeth are made to eat meat and bones. Thats why everybody saysCollage of Nine Dogs.jpg that dogs love bones.

Because their theeth are made for it. I am scared of Dobermanns. They are so big and so scary! But again: Love is all they need!!!!! But I would not buy an Dobermann!!:)

They are also known as the man’s best friend. But today everybody loves dogs. Most people like them. They eat meat, dog food.

They have the molar thooth, incisor, molar thooth and the fang.

Bye Bye!