Differences between modern dance and other styles!

Well Hello Everyone! Todays Theme is differences between modern dance and other dance styles. The ,,other” Dance Styles are Jazz, Hiphop and ballet. I will be comparing Modern Dance to Jazz, Ballet and Hiphop.

  1. Modern and Ballet.  Those two probably have the most differences. Ballet is mostly about technique. Ballet tells a story. The nutcracker for example. Modern dance is about beeing free and expressing your feelings. The moves in ballet are really neat and there is an exact place where your everything should be.I n modern dance your body is free. Ballet is also way harder.

2. HipHop and Modern. Well…. Modern and Hiphop are like chocolate and water. They have nothing to do with each other. Hip hop is sharp, it has to do with tumbling and skills. Modern on the other hand is really dark and deep.  Hiphop s a little bit cool and casual.  The music is different to.

3.Jazz and modern. Actually there is not a sooo big difference. Jazz is   fun and it has diffrent music. Jazz is like Broadway and its a little bit cheesy. Jazz moves are faster to. But modern dance is as I said slower and expressiver.

Ok, So I hoped you learned something. So, see you!