Dance #2

Hi everybody!

Today it is gonna be about the ballet positions and the general dance positions! This is all gonna be about positions. When you begin learning ballet, one of the first things you will learn is the five basic ballet positions. They are important because every basic move in ballet begins and ends in one of the five positions. Thats actually quite easy to understand!

First are the ballet positions:

1: In first position, the balls of the feet are turned out completely. The heels touch each other and the feet face outward, trying to form a straight line.

2: The balls of both feet are turned out completely, with the heels separated by the length of one foot. Similar to first position, but the feet are spread apart.

3: One foot is in front of the other with the of the front foot touching the middle of the back foot.

4: The feet are placed the same as third position, but one step apart.

5: With both feet touching, the toes of each foot reaches the heel of the other. Yes, these were all the positions. There are a bunch of other turns and positions!

My favourite turn are fouettes. These are where you hold one leg 90 degrees and then you go up and down while turning. These are hard turns but look amazing. My favorite dancer is pina bausch! But she died sadly!The world record of piruettes was 54! My record was 12 !Here are a lot of dance positions you need to know.

Releve: on the toes

Sourbresaut: To jump in place

Changement: to jump and change place

Pas de bouree: three steps

Tendu: point your feet

Plie: to bend your knees

Assemble: to jump really high! LOL!

Battement: a kick on releve

Grand jete: A big jump. It also means big jump in french!

Chasse: To glide from one position to the other.

Arabesque: The leg is being your back, nice and stretched

SO this are only some positions. I know them from many films and because I am a dancer. My teacher tells me some positions to. To be on point means that you get your pointe shoes. This is really hard! I had them on once and they make your feet hurt really bad!

So, see you tomorrow!