Dance! #1

Hello! How are you?

Today its gonna be about the most important theme in my blog. Or the one I like the most.

Dance! I am a dancer who dances street jazz, contemporary, modern, hiphop, lyrical, jazz, tap, ballet and acro. Some of them I dance on my own and 3 of them in a dance Company.

I am quite good in the dance styles lyrical, acro, jazz and contemporary. My best style is lyrical/contemporary. I am not really good in hip hop cause I can’t really get these cool moves done and I also can’t to these backflips and one handed handstands done. But I like to watch hip hop!

Some dance styles require a lot of strength, like ballet! Ballet may look easy but it is really hard actually! I do watch dance academy, its my favourite show. They are dancers that dance every style and the show is about them and their friendship and stuff.

Dance is really old. It is older than you all are. No its not 500, not 700 but over 9,000 years old. That depends on the style of dance. A few  african traditional dances are over 10,000 years old. Also the uga ugas and the aborigines have so old dances. These are more of a traditional kind. Depending where you live you may be familiar with some dance styles and some less.

Now I want to talk to those of you that say dance is easy and is nothing at all. But that is not true!!!! Dance is a sport and a art form, it is so hard and it is very dangerous. You can break every bone while dancing. And I am very serious. I once twisted my ankle while dancing! The actual dangerous dance moves are the moves of hip hop and jus and leaps.

But  some dances are easy, like the disco dances. For those of you who are playing just dance and saying they can dance just talk a lot of bullshit! They are different forms of dance that you can perform. They are a solo where you dance alone, a duo where 2 dance, a trio where 3 dance and a group dance where all of you dance.

Dance also is kind of a group sport. If one of you ruins the dance in a group dance, you are all ruined.  So all of them have to be good and know each other well. I like solos and duos the most. ı do not like these giant groups.

Even Kings and Queens like Louis XIV had palace dancers to dance for him. The arabian sultans also had belly dancers and other dancers performing for them! There are also dancers for pairs. Like tango and salsa and ballroom dance.

In turkish and arabian culture there are dervis that turns hours around. That is also a bit of a dance or art form. I have to remind you that this is the first part of  my blogpost so I will have 1 more post about this.

So see you tomorrow!