Alice in Wonderland!

Hi everyone, today it is all gonna be about the roman Alice in Wonderland! I like it. I have to say I haven’t read the book but I have watched the movie. I think it is cool and there a ton fantasy in it.

It is  a really nice fantasy roman! It is really old! It has been written 1863 in England. Charles Ludwidge Dogsan wrote this roman while he was on a boat with his Friend. But he had written the book under  pseudonym! So his real name is Charles but on the book he had written his name is Lewis Carrol. I don’t know why he did not wanted the whole world to know what an cool book he had written!

It is about a innocent girl called Alice, she is nice and has a older sister. She loves to help people and she also loves to help or see animals. The sister of the queen of hearts is really nice. The only thing that is strange is that she has white hair and white skin but black eyes!

I am gonna tell you a tiny bit of the story . Once upon a time there was an nice orange haired girl named alice. One day while her sister was reading a book she fall in a hole and then saw a white rabbit that had glasses on and also could talk!

Then she saw a table with a drink on it saying: drink me! She drank the thing and was so small! She could fit through a mouse hole and then she heard the door closing behind her. She wanted to go out but then……………

She saw that the key is on a table but since she was so small she could not get on the table since she was small. But the  she saw a slice of cake saying eat that. She ate the slice and grew back. But now she could not get out of the room since she was so big. If you want to know what happened after that and the middle and the end of the story buy the book or watch the film! All that I telled you is from the book so the movie may be different.

There are different characters in the book. My favourite character is the mad hatter. He is nice to alice and he is trying to help alice to escape and beat the bad queen o hearts. Jonny Depp plays him. She is not the Alice who everyone thinks she is. She is an ordinary girl! Everyone thinks that Alice returned to the Wonderland but…..

There is also a king of hearts but he is not that important because he is small pig! LOL!

The queen of hearts wants to kill alice! The mad hatter makes a lot of hats and he likes alice and helps her a lot. I like him because he is confident and is friendly! Alice is the main Character! Don’t forget that. My dad says the book is a ,,masterpiece” I have read better books but.. It is a really cool book! But we all know that I like the movies more than the books!

We all know that in every movie there is a nerd! So, In this case the nerd or the smart one is the white rabbit. He is also good and Alice helped him.  I also like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They actually have no Idea what is going on. They are funny and dumb!


So, I hoped you learned a bit more about it and see you!