About Stockholm – The City of Alfred Nobel

Last year, meaning 2013, we visited Sweden for the first time, together with my dad. He was there for the first time, too. We both enjoyed it very much, it was really nice, nice people, nice food, nice everything.

We went to Gothenborg for the Nobel Week Dialogue. This is a conference organized by the Nobel Foundation. This foundation was established by the order of Alfred Nobel. He is the famous guy, who has invented dynamite. Very dangerous… 🙂

After he died, he left his heritage Alfred_Nobelto the foundation and dedicated it to science, to make the world a better place.  Since his death in 1896, every year the best scientists in the world are granted awards for their research. By the way, these days the awards are handed out by King Gustav in person, on the 10th of December.

And every years, since 2012, they run a conference called Nobel Week Dialogue on the 9th of December. This year it will be in Stockholm, and about the new generations, ‘The Age to Come’. Very interesting… 🙂

You can check out the program at this web site: http://www.nobelweekdialogue.org/

The opening of the last years conference you can watch in the video below:

But of course there is much more to say about Stockholm. Which I will do, when I visited the city and got back again. Then I will write much more about Stockholm, the conference and all my other adventures…

So, please stay tuned and follow my activities. Bye for now…