A characterisation!

Hello my friends! Today I am going to write a characterisation about my cat. Yes you heard right. My cat. Bıdık.

Bıdıks name means, cute and crazy in turkish. I really love him. By the way, he is a he. Bıdık has grey fur and color changing eyes. His eyes are green-grey in the morning but orange in the evening.

He is a long sleeper. One of his favorite hobbies are to play to sleep and of course to bite my feet and wake me up at 4 o clock in the Morning. I really enjoy playing with Bıdık. He is really cute and also super nice.

Bıdıks favorite animals are lizards and birds. His favourite color is red. You might be wondering for where I know that. Well, every time I have something red in my hand he always gets aggressive. Well, his favourite food is definitely cat food from whiskas.

My cat has been with me for about 3 and a half years now. I had him since he was a very small baby. Bıdık is a mix of British Royal cat and brithish shorthair cat.

He is slightly thin. He eates a lot. Did you know cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits? That is true!

So, see you when I am in sweden. I will be going to sweden in two days!!