Ted Talks

Hello everyone, today I’m going, to sum up a Ted Video I watched because I actually find it was really interesting and I actually understood the Topic and to my surprise, it was really interesting.

So, do you ever ask yourself, why them? Like, why is Apple the best and most famous computer company? They are just like all the others, same opportunities, same consultants, why them. There has to be something else. Simon Sinek has a very simple idea: the Golden Circle. His idea explains why some people or companies are able to inspire and make progress, while others aren’t because there clearly needs to be a difference.

Very few companies know, why they do what they do. Money, and Profit arent a reason to do what they do, they are a result. So there has to be something else. Because, what you do, everyone already knows. But what people really care about, is why you do what you do. Like a serious purpose, beliefs or like driving purposes by values. Engagement, or making changes. But very few people know the purpose behind what they do.

First, it starts with clarity. You need to be sure why you do, what you do. Why, is a belief, which has to be clear. Why is kinda like making the invisible- visible.

After asking yourselves why you do it, the next step would be how you do it. The Hows, are the principles  that guide you, to bring your cause to life.

Everthing you say/do, has to prove what you believe. That is the WHAT part.  What is the product out of why and how.

Inspired Leaders and Organisations communicate and function from the inside out. So they first start with why. Your purpose, your cause, your inspiration, and your belief. (not profit) A purpose, that is what people and companies should go for.

Summing up, I could say that all 3 elements are mandatory for leadership. But what and how do not inspire actions.

Starting with why is what leaders do. Leaders are inspiring.

Heres the link to the youtube video: