Hi, today I am gonna talk about Unicef. Unicef is an help organisation to help people all over the World like places like africa. They are also in the country that I live in wich is turkey!

It has been created by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946, to help people. They bring stuff like food and clean water to africa. They mostly help children. You may have seen the unicef logo written on FC Barcelona clothing right?

In the USA and some other countries, UNICEF is known for its “Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF” program. The children collect money for UNICEF while doing this trick or treat thing on halloween.

Unicef also won the Nobel price for peace in 1965! I think they deserved it! They won many more Awards like the ,,Gulru Aksu thinks that you are cool” award!:) No, that is not a real award. That is my award that I give to people or things that I think that are cool! And Unicef definitely deserves one!

There are more than 17 sponsors that not only help them a little bit but also give them a little bit of money! Did you know that even Selena Gomez was helping unicef once? I did not expect that for sure! But it is real!

The guy in the picture is Messi wearing a Barcelona shirt showing the UNICEF logo. I have a shirt to! It also says unicef on it LOL!

They agreed on that the Spanish football bound donates 1,5 million dollars per year I think.

So they have a lot to do I guess, imagine, they try to safe the world, they do more than you think they do! But this sentence did not make sense because I do not know what you think! LOL!

They also have something they call the Unicef school box. There they have stuff like maps and books in it. It is for 1 teacher and 40 students! Because of them the children there can also have a future there! They also come to africa with medicaments against ebola. Ebola is a very dangerous contaigous illness! I hope they get healed soon!

I think it is good that also the people that don’t have so much money can have a job later and have a good future, these are my hopes for the future! I think it is cool that there is something like unicef! And I hope we can solve the problems later! If you want to donate you can click on this link.

So, I will be talking about world hunger and thirst and other problems in the next days. So stay tuned for that!