Nobel Week Dialogue 2014 (in English)

Hi, Merry Christmas!

On the 9.12.2014 there was a Conference called the Nobel Week Dialogue. Its about Nobel laurets and crazy Scientists from all over the World. Go check the Website out!

The theme was ageing. They discusst about a thon of things and they were awesome. I also had a great Time in Stockholm. And yes, the Conference was in stockholm because the founder of the Nobel Prize is originally from Sweden.

The Conference is evry year in sweden but they swich evry year from gothenborg to stockholm. This year it was in stocholm! It was a very nice city.  I will write an english post about my visit to stockholm.

The Logo of the Conference

So, some Scientists and old Laurets that joined were: David Bloom, Joseph Coughlin, Zeinab Badawi(she is from BBC), Elizabeth Blackburn and a thon of more.


Joseph Coughlin is from the MIT AgeLab:

There were some Bad things discusste like when we spend all of our money for the elders there is no  oney and space and time for the youngers. But some good ways are that the elderly can teach the youngers something.

I liked our Moderator Adam Smith. For me old would mean to be over 70 and have a lot of wringels and co. I think my age is pretty ok! I don’t want to grow old and i want to live for ever! Pretty high expectations:)

My questions were: how can we make that the elderly also use and respect technology as much as the young? An intersting question was does technology favour the young?

In my opinion No. The old ones don’t really trie to be closer to technology. But it  seems like technology favours the young.

We can make elderly like technology by finding something that is useful for them and they would like. Find something that could change their lives and help them to live longer.

I would love see an invention in a few ten years maybe like 2070 the invention of a life time. A thing that makes people live longer then usual.

Won’t that be so amazing?

Thank you for your positivity, Merry X-Mas, Gulru!

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