Istanbul Maker Faire 2017

Hello everyone, its 7am in the morning and nobody is awake at the moment because I’m on summer break right now as you might know, so its not very typical or usual for me to wake up at such an early hour. 

So, as you may know from my previous posts, I have been to multiple maker faires which were hosted by my Father. The most recent one I have been to, or the most recent one held, was the maker faire 2017, which was very eventful and helped me make new friends and connections.

I had a stand with my best friend and we made slime- of course, the hit of 2017-, our stand was a major hit, everyone enjoyed it, but there were some jealous people saying ehrmm, slime is really bad for you and gross. Me and my best friend did not really care much since we knew it wasn’t and just told the people to go away and not be jealous because they are nothing and they don’t have anything to showcase at the maker faire.

So although it was very tiring and exhausting it was also very fun and interesting. I did not really get time to see all of the other projects but we managed to add breaks on the 2nd day and everyone was happier like that. Well mostly everyone. We set up different times with 45 minute breaks and we constantly ran out of material. We ran out of material so much, that we had to improvise on the last day and make non newtonian fluid out of cornstarch and water because there was no glue to be found.

But other than us, there were plenty of other stands, making drones or making robots, planes and other stuff. It was really cold for some reason so we had to wear 3 sweatshirts and 1 jacket each. At the evening, it got so cold, that I went into a train (it was in an old train station) and sat in the corner next to a heater and a charging cord.

Anyway, we still managed to get on top of the rankings and have the best ”customer rates”. It was also really fun because there were stands with red bull and other drinks that we could get some free food and stuff.

Overall it was a very nice and interesting experience and I am glad to have the opportunity to participate in such an intellectual and interesting and also important event.

So anyways, see you soon!