World thirst and hunger- My opinion!

Hi people! Today I am gonna talk about my opinion how to help the world thirst and the hunger. So first the problem is that we sometimes have to much food in one place but do not give it to the other place. Imagine, we have enough food and water to also give to the people who do not have enough food in the world!

So imagine the hole world gives a little bit of food to the poor ones! But that is not as easy as it sounds. World hunger and thirst is mostly in Africa. It is also a very dry aeria.

We need water for so many things! You also need to know that to make different things to eat and stuff like that we need a lot of water for everything! Did you know that it takes 200 liters to produce a glass of milk, 70 liters to produce an apple, 140 liters to produce a cup of coffee, and 2,400 liters to produce a hamburger.

That sounds insane right? It is so strange to hear that! It is also funny on the other hand!

Did you also know that the total amount of water needed to produce food for one person for one day is 2,000 to 5,000 liters. That is so much!! Really I did not think that. We are made out of over 70 precent water!

I have a very touching video here

Water is life! But also everyday there are hundreds of children that are dying because of hunger and thirst! Come and help them! I want to help them to but it is so hard! The whole world needs to help not only 1 person.

The world is covered with 70 precent water.  Yesterday I had a blogpost about unicef!

So for the most important question: How to Stop World Hunger? People  tried to have a solution about world hunger. Stupid things like donating and missions don’t do anything, we need to take action!  We need to help them!

Since 1993 “World Day for Water” has been  on March 22nd. This year’s World Day for Water theme “The world is thirsty because we are hungry.  I have already told you how much water we need to make food. If we keep on wanting so much to eat we are gonna need more and more water! Thats why the others are thirsty, the industry dosen’t want to give them any water!

The woman there have to walk kilometres and kilometres to only get a little bit of water. That water isn’t enough for them! And if they get water, they only get dirty or very old water.

So, see you tomorrow, bye!