Top Tips

Happy New Year everyone. As you might not already know, I don’t have any new year resolutions because I just do not do any of them. I know thats no good, but at the end of the day, IDC<3


SO here are my Top 15 Tips for a better Life and Being a Better human. This is all in my perspective so don’t cry about it later on, Please? Thank u

  1. Say hello to people.  Even if you don’t like them. But if you really hate them, just ignore them
  2. Learn to let go. Not everyone is good for you. You don’t need everyone to be your friend.
  3. Try your best in school. It seems hard, but try your best.
  4. do not be fake. If you don’t like someone, be honest and tell them.
  5. Do not gossip. It will get you in trouble.
  6. Do gossip, if you have the guts to tell it to their faces.
  7. Don’t keep quiet all the time. If something is bothering SOL
  8. Do not care about what other think of you.
  9. Do not try to be someone you are not
  10. try to make new friends and leave old ones behind
  11. Tell your teachers if you have a problem
  12. Get you my Book ones it comes out.
  13. Some people say 365 new days 365 new chances. That is incorrect.
  14. No 2. Chances in 2018
  15. and finally, be yourself and find a group where you fit in.


These were my 15 Tips for a good year. 2018 won’t be better than 2017(at least I think so) But I will try and make the best of it.