Top ten best movies

Hello everyone! It is 7.15 am in the morning and nobodyy is awake but here is a new blogpost.

My top 10 favourite Movies

10. The Duff

The designated ugly fat friend, a classic, teenage drama movie but so funny and entertaining as well as classic. I definetly recommend this movie.

9. Transformers

I dont need to say much, this is a legend, I love transformers, it gives me the chills and goosebumps and there is so much work put into theese movies

8.Schindler List

Homage to tragic events, a movie that makes me cry every time ı watch it.I personal find that this movie is one of the best ones out there.

7.Star Wars

Same deal like Transformers, a legend that I will always love. Such an amazing cast and amazing actors. I am amazed by how much work they put into this movie.

6. Avatar

Allthough I ran out of the movie theater because I was afraid, it is yet legendary and so much hard work is put into this movie. I really recommend this movie, an amazing sci-fi.

5. Mean Girls

Allthough it is more for girly girls, this movie will forever remain iconic yet funny and amazing. This movie will make you laugh, gag and emotional. I really enjoy this movie and I never get bored

4.The Notebook/Minions (tie)

Sad, but beautiful. a beautiful heartwarming movie that makes a lot of people cry overtime

The Minions, I just love these yellow things and they are abnormally cute and ı just love the whole concept.

3. The diary of Anne Frank/Jaws (tie)

I had this movie as a subject in class and I probably know everything about Anne Frank but this Movie makes me cry and her diary is so amazing and allthough it is sad, its still amazing.

Allthough I was scared of swimming after this movie, I was scared and amazed the whole time.

2. The boy in the striped Pyjamas/Life is Beautiful

Both very sad movies, but still an amazing concept and very touching.

1.The dark knight

I probably do not have to say a lot but this movie is legendary, especially the locker and the theme. Just love this movie and its actors.

SO, this is just me and my cousins opinion, so no shade:)