Rare Diseases #1

Yolo everyone! In honour of the Rare Disease day, lets talk about them. At first, I am not joking about disorders and co. I am really respecting those disorders and I don’t want to joke about any of these. SO please don’t get anything wrong if I say ,,ew” or ,,thats pretty scary” Nothing  against anyone…

Well, Disorders and Diseases.. They aren’t very nice right? But the Question is: are they rare? Maybe there are some people that have those.

I will not use any Images since there are some people that get grossed out(me to) I suggest you do not look up Rare conditions on google Images. It may contain graphic content so be advised. So, the most disorders are genetic and are therefore chronic. Other rare diseases are the result of infections and allergies or due to degenerative and proliferative causes.

Symptoms of some rare diseases may appear at birth or in childhood, where others only appear once adulthood is reached. I am going to talk about any of those diseases causeI have my opinion and I am not sure if I should tell it to you guys, so sorry for that.

Here I am going to put the link of the National Organisation for Rare Disorders: http://rarediseases.org

So that was it for the first part and this were just general infos. See you!