My Top Ten least favourite classes

So, this is a post that my teachers will hate me for but they already do so that does not matter at this point. I mean ı personally don’t even like school and I bet a teacher will see this and send it to all of the other ones just to make me look bad but I do not really care.

So I will rank them worst to best, so the one that I hate the most, to the one I like the most.

10. Physics

I just don’t get the subject and the teacher is not the most supportive either. Just the atmosphere, no one really likes physics.


I dont hate this subject, but it is boring sometimes. But I really like the teacher and the subjects but you get bored soo easily and start doing other things soo.

8. Art

Well, I am not the most talented painter, thats why, actually I really like the teacher but I can’t draw or paint so thats something.

7. Maths

I do not hate the math teacher, in fact he is one of the best teachers, but I just don’t like math at all. I don’t get it, I just hate everything with numbers in it.

6. English

I like the teacher and the subjects, but our teacher plays favourites sometimes and the subjects are quite had. But the teacher is really the best but just yup..

5. Chemistry

ı really like the teacher but sometimes the class gets boring when we are not necessarily doing experiments


I like the teacher and all that stuff but just it gets really boring after a while but sometimes it is really funn

2/3 Tie

German and Geography

I really like these subjects because the teachers are very nice and they put effort into their class and no one gets bored


The french teacher is my favourite teacher because she believes in us and she also helps us all a lot and she taught us a lot of french. She is also very funny and makes classes fun and entertaining