My Top 10 Favourite Movies

My top 10 favourite Movies

10. The Duff

The designated ugly fat friend, a classic, teenage drama movie but so funny and entertaining as well as classic. I definetly recommend this movie.

9. Transformers

I dont need to say much, this is a legend, I love transformers, it gives me the chills and goosebumps and there is so much work put into theese movies

8.Schindler List

Homage to tragic events, a movie that makes me cry every time ı watch it.I personal find that this movie is one of the best ones out there.

7.Star Wars

Same deal like Transformers, a legend that I will always love. Such an amazing cast and amazing actors. I am amazed by how much work they put into this movie.

6. Avatar

Allthough I ran out of the movie theater because I was afraid, it is yet legendary and so much hard work is put into this movie. I really recommend this movie, an amazing sci-fi.

5. Mean Girls

Allthough it is more for girly girls, this movie will forever remain iconic yet funny and amazing. This movie will make you laugh, gag and emotional. I really enjoy this movie and I never get bored

4.The Notebook/Minions (tie)

Sad, but beautiful. a beautiful heartwarming movie that makes a lot of people cry overtime

The Minions, I just love these yellow things and they are abnormally cute and ı just love the whole concept.

3. The diary of Anne Frank/Jaws (tie)

I had this movie as a subject in class and I probably know everything about Anne Frank but this Movie makes me cry and her diary is so amazing and allthough it is sad, its still amazing.

Allthough I was scared of swimming after this movie, I was scared and amazed the whole time.

2. The boy in the striped Pyjamas/Life is Beautiful

Both very sad movies, but still an amazing concept and very touching.

1.The dark knight

ı probably do not have to say a lot but this movie is legendary, especially the locker and the theme. Just love this movie and its actors.