My tips to start a new, successful schoolyear!

Hi people, the backtoschool season has started! I have 10 tips here for you, so you can start a nice new school year!

1. Always go to bed at a good time.If you have to get up really early at the moment like 5.30 or 5.00 than the good time for you to sleep would be 21.30 in my opinion! I wake up 6.25 and go to bed at 21.30.

2. Eat breakfast. I know, it is also hard for me to eat breakfast in the morning but if you do this, I’ll promise you that you can concentrate much better! I have bin breakfasting (lol the word) since 2 days now and it has been helping a lot. If you walk to the school and have no time or don’t want to breakfast at all than just grab an apple and eat it on the way!

3. Get a homework diary. I have a homework diary it really helps me a lot! You can write what homework do you have in wich subject and then even check it if you did it! If you do not want to buy a homework diary then a small exercise book would be good to!

4. Drink a lot of water! This is easy to understand, drinking a lot of water keeps you hydrated and its healthy!

5. Listen to everything the teacher says carefully. I know sometimes it can be hard to do that but it helps a lot!

6. Use the pomodoro system! I know you are thinking: What a stupid name. But the pomodoro system is something my dad told me and its basically working 25 minutes at a time and then making a 5 min break!  That works well!

7. DO NOT get distracted or watch TV while doing any schoolwork or homework. This will manipulate your brain. Believe me, it is true! I do not watch TV so thats an advantage for me! But when you are writing exams then do not get distracted! Always concentrate!

8. Practice and repeat what you learned! This helps and is also easy. Do not say that you haven’t got time for a little 25 minute practice right?

9. Always get along well with everyone! Don’t fight and if someone tries to fight with you just walk away or tell them that you have no time to fight!

10. Set up a plan for your day! Everything structured! Work first then fun, priorities first than  video games!:)

I hope this helped you a lot and I also hope that you will use them and be the best! Good luck!