My plans for the future

Hi! Today I am gonna tell you aboutr my plans for the future. I want to be workin as a dancer or an futurist. The dancedream kinda is something on the side.

My big dream is to be an futurist. I once had the dream to be an austronaut but I actually understanded that from 1 Million or more people only 1 or 2 People get chosen. But that was a nice dream wasntit?

So ofcourse I want to study at the mıt because it is an very good universtity. I want to do the same thin lie my dad. He is an futurist.The theme of futurist is not to predict the future in the way like: You are gonna die tomorrow.

It is to kind of want to tell the people about the future of technologie.You know, all about tech!

for us today you cant ımagine a life without technologie right! But how is it in 200-20 years. I want to live in the USA, Oklahoma, New York, Boston or in Pennsyilvainia.

The reason why I want to live there is really simple. The university mit is in boston and ı want to live in america! It is not nessasacry at all but … I like it that way.

I want to have at least 2 Kids and a dog and a cat. I want to live in a nice big house and be happy and healthy.

So by bye!