My Opinion to Animal Abuse/ Cruelty!

Hello everyone, after a long break of blogposts I am writing about a really important and sad theme. Animal abuse. I think animal abuse is the worst thing on earth. Or one of the worst. I think this is seriously one of the worst things. But lets start.

So if you have ever hurt an animal than get the heck out of town. Animals have rights to. No one has the rights to hurt animals. Chinese people hurt animals a lot and also eat them. They basically eat everything that has four legs. Man I could really kill people that have hurt animals before!

I think animals are very importnant, just like humans. But on the other hand I think it is ridiculis to hurt animals. If you hurt an animal in front of me I am going to come in front of you and hit you in your shitface!

No fricken ANİMAL ABUSE ok? That is just respectless. Animals are like us and they are much friendlier and lovelier than human. SO if you hurt an animal, you deserve to die. Animals and humans should be treated the same i you ask me.

And if you do not want to look after a pet you bought just buy a toy. Cause I think the life of an animal is worth the same amount as the life of an human. I would rather save an drowning baby cat then a drowning baby boy or baby girl.

Thats my opinion and if you don’t like it than just go. Cause this is my website


I am a little strange cause if I see sad animals in videos or dieing animals I cry a lot. It is really so sad. But in general I think that animal abuse is so sad and so bad.

So, see you tomorrow!