My opinion about School!

Hi, today we are gonna talk about school.

I think school is something good in general  but actually it is a little boring sometimes. I don’t like annoying kids and o much homework. School is really cool sometimes. You can see your friends, can have fun and learn something.

If you do not learn you won’t have any quality of life. I do not wanna be like someone who actually can’t read. Imagine that we could not read or we also could not do anything.

The reason why I think normal school is better than home schooling because you get to play with other kids and also have fun and learn together You are not really gonna be social.

And that is stupid. You can not live alone. You need to have friends be nice and always. Teachers and homework can be really stupid. But just think that way. You are having some fun with your friends, can learn somethings. I don’t think school is the best thing either but I think it is a good thing. It is so cool and bad in different ways. You have different subjects like maths history.

Even if some people do not school, ı can not Im gain living good without little bit of school. So I actually think that school is better in this years and not earlier because then they used to hurt kids. That was not good.

If you do not goto school, your are not stupid but I have to say you did not really made a good choice! I know some people want to but they have no opportunity. They should really get the opportunity of those who have the opportunity but do not use it.

I did not like school until I realised that there are so many kids who want to go to school but can not! So now, I should use the opportunity that I have and maybe In can help people with cases like that LOL!

I apologize for my blogpost being so short so sorry! Tımorrow It will be way better! See u soon

So, I hope my blogpost changed your thoughts about school!