My dancing journey

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about my dancing journey. About 6 years ago, I became interested in dancing.

To this day I am a dancer and ı still love the art and the beauty of dancing. Since I recently quit Ballet, because I just discovered it wasn’t really my passion.

SO 6 years ago or something like that, I started dancing at Mavidans Bale Academy. I started doing modern dance and contemporary and street jazz and still till this day still continue with it. I really have fun and enjoy dancing, but sometimes it is really tough and exhausting. I have been on 4 shows since this day and it was really hard work but the outcome was amazing.

I also met so many new friends and we are really close since we have been through so many things together. We see each other every week and also go to the mall or we also go eat together almost every week.

So dancing has taught me to be patient and to continue even though it is hard or hurts. It has also taught me to be the best in everything I do, or try my hardest every time.

And also our teachers are really caring but also very hard on us, but we know that they do this to make us better dancers. It is hard to accept criticism from people but you actually know they only do it for your own good and because they care about you and only want you to get better.

We usually have Saturdays 14.00-17.00, or sometimes we even have more days or more hours.

We work really hard around May and June because our show is June usually but at the end, all work pays off and we have an amazing time!

See u soon