Istanbul Travel Guide!

Hello, so lts again time for you to hear theese posts from me. So I told you you should visit Istanbul but I wil show you an free travel guide!

Istanbul is the largest city of turkey.  It is seperated  in to parts. The european side and the  asian side. It was known as the capital of culture. It is in the region marmara. I live there to. I live on the european side.

So Istanbul is a huge city. So if you visit it here are a ton of things that you can visit. I would recommend to go to my neighbouhrhood. There is the famous Galata Tower who once was used to see enemies comming from the sea.

You have an beautiful view all over istanbul  the best thing is: there is an restaurant. You can also visit me there! But you also can visit the blue mosque. There you can go and watch the beautiful  architechture.

Also an nice activity for youre parents and yourself is the Topkapı palace. Its an nice Palace and it has an Cafe and some fun activitys. ı was there with my aunt and my mom a few years ago.

While summer it is very nice  to visit. But also Tuzla, where I have bin with my cousin. It has several Restaurants, it is close to the sea. There are so many diffrent types of grass fields.

Turkish and Islamic Museums are very interesting if you are an culture freak. There is also  the ıstanbul Modern. An modern museum with an nice View all over the city.

Also all over the Bosporus you can make a tour with the shYou’ll be able to see alot and it is so much fun! The Süleymaniye Mosque is very very nice. Also there are the graves of Hurrem  Sultan who was the wife of Sultan Süleyman.

But make sure you drink an glasssof tea and eat ome simit. Simit is an circle like bread and it has seasam on top. It is just delicious. Go rather to Galata, Nişantaşı, Şişli or other stuff.

If you want me to do more of travel guides I will do it!

See you,  Bye