Gülru meets Sience!

Hello my friends out in the world?!

Today we are gonna do a fun project. It is Slime!! Slime is an goowey oozee almost dough like Toy. It is not sticky and it is very easy to make! I am gonna tell you 2 recipes on how to do slime and also tell you about the sience behind it. Fridays are my english sience days!

There are only 2 good recipes.

For the 1. Slime you will need:


Water (two glasses)

Glue, Cslime ile ilgili görsel sonuculear glue or White glue. I prefer to use clear because it looks more slimier then!

You will also need 2 owls and a container to store your slime in.

You first have to poor some of the glue in to one of the mixing bowls. Then put a glass full of water into your glue. Stir it all up and then add some coloring. I like to add yellow and green.
Normally with glue, the liquid fills in the microscopic spaces on a surface. And then it drys to a solid. That solid, like other cool
solids is made out of molecoules that are like packt together. Thats how glue actually sticks things together. But I am not going to show you how to use the glue in its normal way. So much abpout the glue. Lets make another soloution for our slime. To your glass of water add a teaspoon of borax. Then mix it up. Make sure the borax is dissolved. Then add youre borax soloution to te bbowl with the glue. Then it will form your slime since long molecoules are forming and making it not sticky! The thing that is forming while mixing is called a long chain polymer.

2. Recipe you will need:

liquid starch


Mix the glue and the coloring and then add youre liquid starch. Then it starts forming!