ok, so before this Blog Post starts I wanted to give you a little alert that Cry Babys are not welcome.And if you do not tolerate my opinion on anything just Click away. Like I didn’t really g.a.s. anyways but I will fire back and be mean if any of you come up to me in School or in the comments. Like just stfu. But there will be some Graphic Content. I wont put in very bloody pictures but some stuff will be in here.

The reason is because I am mad. And I wanted to talk real with you all. Its about something that has been bothering me so much. Its Animal cruelty. Yesterday I saw a documentary where people from some dumb islands were cutting like 100s of Dolphins. Like, its just mean. I don’t care if its your tradition or not, you aren’t supposed to kill animals! NO one wants that. This ısland thing has all the food the rest of the world has. They don’t have to eat whales. The wales mean more to me than the actual people. Yeah, I don’t like you if you don’t like my opinion. This is my Blog and I can write anything I want… If you don’t like go in the corner and cry.

Just do not get me started on chineese. I actually like china and I like chineese Food but they just eat any 4 legged thing. ı am sorry if I hurt any of your feelings, but thats just the truth. Like, CHineese eat cats. I won’t ever move to China and bring my cat because I am sure that they will eat my cat. And don’t dare and touch my cat. That does not go for all of the chineese. Of course not all of the chineese are cruel to animals, but some of  them are.

The same thing goes for Dogs and Cats. I once said I wanted to get a Pitbull and everyone looked at me like ı was Justin Bieber. Well actually he’s an animal to but all the 10 year old ”Believers” will bully me over social media if ı say something like that. The dog is not bad itself. The human who makes the dog bad is bad. I once wrote a story about this and I landed on the TEDxReset TED Conference. SO I know what I am talking about. I think I am a little bit smarter in this case. Or else ı wouldn’t have ended up on Ted. IT ALWAYS İS THE HUMAN. ALWAYS.

Just close your eyes and imagine if this was your dog.

What did animals do. Sooner or later we will all die, and it docent matter. Every single second a new kid is born, every single second somebody dies. Someone even died while you are reading this sentence. Or hundreds.  So, did you care? Did you ever think about it that way? Humans can continue expanding but, most of animal species are about to die. So there won’t be any more of them. For Example there is only 1 white Tiger left. So please be careful and do not tolerate animal cruelty.



Animal testing is also really bad. Now I will not insert a picture of how the animals look after testings but I will insert some of the company that use animal testing, and some of them that don’t use animal testing.






Here is some Makeup that if cruelty free.

Here are some brand who use it.


I also sometimes complain about the prices but think about it, is a animals life less worth than makeup?

So, see you tomorrow. BTW these are new series that are called Being Honest. Every week/ 2 a week i will be honest about hot topics.