Being Honest #2

Hello there, here is another post of me being completely honest with you. Today we are going to talk about my least favourite holiday: Halloween. I cant stand halloween. Most of the people out there do not need to dress up because they’re own face is scary enough.  I absolutely love halloween partys though, they have amazing food and you can see all the other people dressing up like fools. I am probably going to a Halloween Party, because its free and I plan scaring the crap out of people, but other than that i do not like Halloween

I still believe that Halloween is- exactly like Valentines day- made up by the industry to earn Money. Think of it, You spend Money on your decoration, on the costumes, on the Sweets and on other stuff. That makes a lot of wasted money. I am probably going to buy bright coloured Contacts and I will make the rest up from scratch.

But in america Halloween is not that safe either. The Killer Clown Craze was last year, so people dressed up as clowns on Halloween and killed 40 people. That is pretty violent. Children can also get kidnapped if they are lured in a house on Halloween. I watched so many PSA’s and social experiments on this.

Overall I think Halloween is not the best holiday, I dislike it a lot, but the partys are amazing. During this week I may write a blogpost about DİY-COstumes.

So,see you soon