Another 30 facts about me!

Hello everyone. I did a 50 facts about me earlier but today I am going to  do another one with updated information. So, lets start

  1. My name is Gülru Aksu
  2. I am german and turkish
  3. I am 11 and a half
  4. My birthday is on september 3rd
  5. I am a dancer and a gymnast
  6. I still think hockey is stupid
  7. I love my cat
  8. I love Starbucks
  9. I have a youtube channel
  10. We made it to the tenth thing
  11. I am funny
  12. I love waking up early
  13. My best friends from school are Aylin, Lulu and Defne
  14. Its 8.30 now.
  15. I don’t really like homework
  16. I am a perfectionist
  17. My favourite colors are blue, green, purple and black
  18. I can’t stand it when someone ants to fight
  19. I am a sport fanatic and I workout every day
  20. I arrive home from school at around 14.10
  21. I have had this Blog since 2011
  22. I love using parfume
  23. My favourite drinks are water, sparkling water and ice tea.
  24. There are some people that I don’t like.
  25. I am the only one thats awake now
  26. My favourite cereals are cheerios
  27. Geez, this is getting boring
  28. were almost finished
  29. I love singing and acting
  30. Were done!


SO, people, see you tomorrow!