A day in the life of me!

Today there is an essay about my day. Have fun!

I get up at 6:50 in the Morning. Then I get dressed and go down to my parents bedroom. Then I sleep there. Sometimes I do not sleep but have breakfeast.

Then me and my mom go to school. When we get there I buy a hot chocolate. LOL! That helps me in the morning to get up and stay awake the hole day long.

I like Fridays the most cause we have 2 lessons of art there. Art and PE are my favorite subjects. And I like german. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Adler and Mrs. Zurborg. They are so friendly and so cool.

I like computer lessons with Mr.Rotter to. He givs us drinks like juice or so. All of the teachers are so friendly. And my friends are nice to. I think the 6 th grade girl are so annoying.

How ever, after school I eat lunch and then I do my homework and write the Blog post for you people.

Then I dance and play chess with my dad then my parents and I have dinner.

After that ı read and go to bed. I really like to have 3 blanketts cause its so cold

See you guys tomorrow. Stay calm bye!