5o Facts about me!

1. I was born on September 3rd 2004 wich makes me 10 today!
2. I don’t like to play Volleyball. Ugh
3. I am in 5th grade.
4. I am an only Child.
5. I have a beautuful cat. He’s a boy:)
6. My favorite type of dance is lycrial.
7. I have done gymnastics for a hobby.
8. My favorite Supject are PE and arts.
9. My favorite colors are pink, black and blue
10. I like Starbucks! ( Yeah gülru, we don’t know that right!)
11. I don’t like to clean up my room!
12. I like to spend time with my family.
13. My favorite season is Summer
14. I don’t like the Fall- Season.
15. I don’t like to walk in the Forest.
16. Probaly the thing i could not live without is Technology!
17. My favorite Fruits are all kind of berries and Watermelon. Yummy!
18. I am afraid of bugs!
19. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Summer.
20. I want some knitting yarn, pillows and dance clothes for Christmas.
21. My lucky number is 13.
22. My favorite day of the week is Friday.
23. I love to knit and to rainbow loom.
24. My favorite singer is Beyonce.
25. My favorite songs are dont tell’ em and so high.
26. I like all of my Classmates.
27. I like the clothing Store Gap!
28. I don!t like the Subjekt spelling.
29. I have 67cm long Hair.
30. I absoulutely dislike to go to the dentist.:(
31. I have knitted a scarf.
32. I don’t have a second name.
33. My nickname is G (in turkish Gü)
34. I am from Istanbul.
35. Thats my dads blog, you may don’t understand it because its turkish! :www.halilaksu.com
36. My last name is Aksu.
37. My favorite youtube channel for knitting and loom tutorials is CraftLife, make sure you check them out on Youtube
38. My favorite drink from Starbucks is the Mango frappicino.
39. I love to do stuff in my Laboratory.
40. I enjoy baking.
41. I love to cook.
42. I love to act.
43. I think it’s stupid to wear make up to school. I mean you go there to learn something, its not a pagent!
44. I hate gummy worms!
45. I am 1,44m tall.
46. I love Frozen yogurth!
47. My favorite skill to do in dance is the La Seconde’.
48. Ballet is a waste of time in my oppinion.
49. I think Hockey is a waste of energy!
50. I dislike when my friends get yelled at by teachers

Thank you for your attention,
In honor Your Gülru!