45 Facts about me!

Hello everyone! Since I was sick the last 3 days I could not write a BlogPost ! Yep Sorry about that but without to much writing lets get on to the Post!,

  1. My real name is Gülru ( I think you probably already know that)
  2. I am 1,55m tall
  3. I am a Dancer and A Gymnast
  4. My favorite jandras of dance are: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and HipHop
  5. I think it is going to take me so long to write this Post:=)
  6. My favorite food is probably fruit and baked potatoes with salad! I like stuff like Burgers to of course!
  7. One of my favourite dance moves are turns especially a la second turns.
  8. I actually think I am pretty good in turning in dance, in a scale between 1-10 I would Probably be a 9:)
  9. When I am nervous sometimes things go wrong for me.
  10. I can’t stand bugs or anything that is crawling on the ground.
  11. I hate needles both in real life and the dance move needles.
  12. One of my favorite animals are Dolphins because they are so nice animals!
  13. I got my ballet pointe shoes about 4 Months ago now and I am getting new ones!
  14. I go by the name Gigi instead of Gülru on social media.
  15. I am on summer- Break Right now!
  16. But summer break is ending soon!
  17. Noo I don’t want to leave!
  18. I like challenges and to work hard (Well in Dance)
  19. My favourite drink is actually Detox Water.. Its Water or Sparkling Water with lemons and fruit in it!
  20. I am the only one I know that does not like Whipped Cream! I mean it is disgusting
  21. I love WaterMelon
  22. My Record for turning (in dance) was 9 pirouettes and 18 a la second turns.
  23. I am working on my standing back tuck. And I am planning on getting it!
  24. I am a mixture of German and turkish.
  25. I don’t like it when people bother me or talk to me while ı am working.
  26. I actually really like waking up early! I mean then you have the whole day ahead and have more time!
  27. I tain dance 6 Times a week for at least 3 hours.( at home and at my dance school)
  28. I am a sport lover and I love to do sport!
  29. Some People in my class call me Gigi
  30. They call me Gigi because they think I look like Gigi Hadid!
  31. I don’t even look like her!
  32. But I’ll take that as a compliment
  33. My favourite season is summer
  34. I would love to visit Australia one day because I think its awesome there
  35. I don’t like france or French People.
  36. I absoloutlely can’t stand it when somebody that is NOT better than me in something corrects..
  37. I don’t like most of my friends from my Summer house in Izmir.
  38. I can not stand it when people say ı dyed my hair.. I did not. Just because its pretty and it is the most amazing shade of blonde does not mean i coloured it. Don’t be jealous, deal with it.
  39. As a new-born I had black hair but then my hair color changed to blonde.
  40. My favourite Colors are blue, purple, black pink and grey!
  41. I have a cat and he is the world sweetest cat!
  42. If you could read all of these facts without getting bored you deserve an award!
  43. Normally I would go to the beach every day in Summertime but since ı am sick I could not go swimming for the last 3 Days! Hopefully I will be swimming tomorrow!
  44. I love  Starbucks and one of my Favourite drinks is cool Lime and Cool Berry! I like everything by Starbucks!
  45. I love to go swimming an if I could I would go swimming every single day!


Thanks for reading all of these facts you are awesome!

SOoo, see you guys tomorrow